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This is my home page - its a place for me to drop links to things I've done, that I want to share or just that I find interesting.. Its been out here for many years, and some of the content is probably past its sell-by date. But who knows what might be useful to someone. It is of course, always under renovation...

If you do find anything here useful, I'm always interested to know.

Software stuff

  • Garmin tools Tools that may help you access data from garmin Forerunner watches.
  • FTree A graphical tool to manage family tree data under linux and X-windows. Doesn't get much development these days, but I'm still using it as are a few others around the internet. lats devel release was in 2009, but I do still answer queries.
    FTree supports storage and manipulation of GEDCOM family tree information

Outdoor stuff

  • Walking and GPS data A collection of data from some walks we have done including GPX track files and waypoints and map files.
  • Sailing stuff I'm also into sailing, cats, hobbies mainly but anything will do..
    There are a bunch of pics from my various Wildwind Vassiliki holidays and the RTIR 2000 (Round the Isle of Wight)..

Jet Engine stuff

Vulcan Stuff

Older Software stuff These things are less maintained/current
  • GMap
    A map editor for Garmin type maps for linux and X-windows. GMap is a work in progress. It reads some data from "polish", "gpx" and "kml" files and allows editing of line and area features. Output is suitable to feed to the cGPSmapper map compiler. This is an old version, its moved on from here and I've not bothered to release it since no one was interested.
  • Linux stuff
    Various things "linux". Includes stuff related to making it work on laptops and some odd bits of tools.
  • Palm Sudoku A simple palm tool to play and help you with Sudoku puzzles. Latest release Version 0.2beta, Oct 2006..

Last updated: 25 apr 2013
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