Dual Battery support for Linux on Dell Inspiron

This lets you get individual battery life rather than just treat both batteries as one big battery. The patch should not 'break' any other apps (as far as I know). Here is a patch to the kernel apm.c code to get the dual battery status into /proc/apm.

The battery info is added to the end of the existing apm data. Typical output looks like

	1.16a 1.2 0x03 0x01 0x03 0x09 85% 507 min
	1 0x03 0x09 91% 315 min
	2 0x03 0x09 77% 192 min
The 2nd line indicates the number of batteries followed by one line of status for each battery. 1st column is the battery bay index.
The patch applies to 2.4.18 kernel. Apply with
	cd /usr/src/linux
	patch -p0 < dualbat_2.4.18.patch

Dual battery tools

I have also modified xapm from apmd-3.0.2 to provide dual battery display. If you want that here is the patch.

If you click on the battery bars, you get that individual battery life, click back on text to get total back. Clicking also toggles between time and percentage charge.
Last modified: 12 April 2003
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