SANE Support for the EPSON FilmScan 200

I have a FilmScan 200 partially working with a modified version of the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) epson backend.

Status as of June 2002.. Latest code versions work OK with backends 1.0.6.
Scan performance is OK, not startling, but can work on both slides and NEGs.

It sort of works now in most respects.. There is still a pile of refinement to do (its a bit cumbersome and slow) but it all seems to work..

You can download the latest version from here if you want to play with it..
I am playing with xcam, xsane and xscanimage. Primarilly xsane at the moment and version 1.0.3 of sane with 1.0.6 backends.

I have ended up hacking a lot at the original epson backend and unfortunately a long time ago (before I started playing) we diverged from the main epson development line. This version may still work with other epson scanners, but I do not recommend it. Really it needs renaming to fs200, but I need to work out how ;-)


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