Xforms RPMs

This page provides a set of RPM files for Xforms on various platforms.

I've now removed the old pre-opensource rpms. If you need 0.89 then let me know.

For more information about Xforms, visit the Xforms Home Page.
The rpm packages are built from the old release stuff on the world.std.com site. Its now all hosted at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/xforms and from there you can download the relevant source. My builds are using the standard sources, with the only exception being the 1.0 versions have my image patch applied (this fixes a bug in flimage_dup(), and makes jpeg + gif reading better).
The most recent version I've built is 1.0 and the original source is available on savannah

My RPM sets all have the same structure and break the release into 3 parts.

The tools in the devel packages and the demos in the pre-built demos packages are dynamic linked (hence you need appropriate glibc to link against). I've tested the new 1.0 builds on RH5.2, RH7.1 and FC2 and they all seem fine.. The base "xforms" package is likely to be more library version tolerant and thats all you need if you just want to run xforms apps.

New Opensource Xforms
Built on platformXforms versionTGZ filesRPM files
(RedHat 5.2)
Version 1.0 bxform-1.0.tgz(965k) xforms-1.0-1.i386.rpm(322k)
RedHat 7.1
Version 1.0 bxform-1.0-glibc.2.2.2.tgz(1020k) xforms-1.0-1.i386.rpm(346k)

There is a copy of the xforms manual here

How the RPMs were built

In case anyone wants to build a new set of these RPMs, I have put the package spec file online. The spec file originated on the RedHat site in some old package. I didn't create it, though I have made minor mods and updated it.
The spec file is a generic version.. Substitute appropriately for
  _MAKEFLAG_  (blank or '# ')

The packages were all built with a script similar to the following

  echo "topdir: $ROOT/build" > $ROOT/rpmrc
  rpm --rcfile $ROOT/rpmrc -ba xforms-generic.spec
  rm $ROOT/rpmrc
I used rpm 2.5.5 (since thats whats on my trusty old system), and I had a lot of trouble with version 3 letting me have my own build root.


If you are wondering what my involvement is in xforms, its simple. I have built packages that use it (most notably one for storing genealogy data) and it was a pain not being able to release dynamically linked binaries as RPMs because of the library dependancy checking...
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Last updated: 21st July 2007